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Knitted Mice

Knitted Mice


These knitted mice are handmade to raise funds for Paddington Farm Trust (educational farm in Somerset) and we are reselling them to fundraise for our new Families  Residential Trips to the countryside to get closer to nature. All funds (except paypal fees) go towards cost of organic produce, materials for workshops and activities during trips.


These crocheted mice were handmade with a variety of end bits of yarn by Christine Dawson who knits them for charities to fundraise. She skillfuly make them unique, there's no two alike out of hundreds! 

Mice are real life sized about 8cm long.


Folklore says that having such a mice around your home prevents the real ones from moving in. 

  • Families Residential trips info

    Watch a short video about our Families Residential Trip to the countryside.

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